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About Monisa

Born with an inherent need for attention, Monisa Brown has loved making people laugh since the naughty aughties. She attended Tacoma School of the Arts for High School, but things got weirdly normal? She earned a B.A. at Pacific Lutheran University with plans to become of all things a Spanish teacher!  Well obviously that career path wasn't glitzy enough and she found herself lost slinging caffeine in the back alleys of Seattle.

What brought her back to the light of the stage you ask? Standup comedy. Realizing that, if men have the audacity to share their thoughts on stage so could she. After performing stand-up in the PNW for 5 years she could no longer deny her childhood dream of becoming an actor and began doing so professionally in 2020.  Despite her lack of traditional training, Monisa immediately began booking roles. She has acted in short films, and commercials and is a T.V. host for her local PBS channel, KCTS9.  

Monisa’s quirky offbeat standup comedy draws from her experience as a Black bisexual woman raised in the PNW.  She's abusrd and she needs everyone to know it. Monisa has opened for Phoebe Robinson, Zainab Johnson, Jenny Yang, Matteo Lane, Guy Branum, Whitmer Thomas, Liza Treyger, and Solomon Georgio. She has been on Max and performed at Bumbershoot, Treefort, Wet City, and Upper Left Comedy Festivals.


Monisa Brown Don't Tell 9/1
Monisa Brown


Monisa Brown Actor demo reel 2024
Monisa Brown
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